01 Wood Tex Classic

01 Wood Tex Classic

Flügger Wood Tex Classic is a series of oil-based products for exterior wood with good penetration and maximum protection against moisture and water. The products can be used at low temperatures.

Product Description

Colourless priming oil that penetrates, ensures good adhesion and resists moisture absorption. Inhibits mould and mildew growth on the surface of the final treatment. Finish treatment with pigmented wood stain or paint.
  • Penetrates
  • Resists moisture absorption
  • Ensures adhesion


Priming untreated or bare cleaned wood.


Must be absorbent, clean, dry, solid and suitable for paint treatment.
Water traps or risk of water accumulation may not occur.
The moisture level in the wood prior to paint treatment max.:
Windows and doors: 12% ± 3; Overhangs, fences and cladding: 18%.


Loose wood stain, paint and decayed wood fibres must be removed by sanding and cleaning
Dirt, grease, chalking material and algae, mould and mildew must be removed by cleaning
Round off sharp edges for best possible hiding power
All bare woodwork must be treated before or immediately after mounting
Substrate which has stood untreated for longer than 4 weeks must be cleaned and loose wood fibres removed


Brush or roller.
If applying using a roller, brush over afterwards.
Bare cross-cut wood and cutting surfaces must be painted 3-4 times wet-on-wet.
Wipe off excess priming oil.
Cold or heat can affect the material’s viscosity
Condensation must not form.
Avoid working in rain or direct sunlight.
Cold weather and high atmospheric humidity increase the drying time, complete curing and re-treatment interval.
High temperature and low atmospheric humidity reduce the drying time and complete curing.
Always apply test treatments to check and accept the adhesion and results.

Colourless and non-absorbent.
Finish treatment immediately after drying and within 4 weeks, depending on exposure.
Unprotected exposure to moisture, water and sunlight will degrade the priming oil.

Be Aware

Protect freshly painted surface from adverse weather conditions.
Take appropriate measures against the effects of moisture and rainfall on freshly painted surfaces.
The surface achieves maximum robustness when fully cured.

Technical Data

Priming oil
Density (kg/liter)
Weight %
Volume %
Nominal spreading rate (m2/l)
Min. +5°C
Max. humidity 80 % RH.
Dry to touch at 20°C, 60% RF (Hours)
Recoatable at 20c, 60% RF (Hours)
Fully cured at 20c, 60% RF (Days)
Do not dilute
Cleaning of Tools etc.
White spirit

Storage: Tightly closed

Clean off the paint from tools and wash them with brush cleaner. Bring remains of fluent paint to the local recycling centre. Minimize your paint waste by pre-estimating how much paint you need. Keep the leftover paint for future use so you can effectively reduce the environmental impact.:


August 2020