Wall Primer

Wall Primer

Product Description

Flügger Wall Primer White has been produced based on acrylic micro-dispersion, it perfectly penetrates the substrate. For interior use for priming absorbent mineral substrates, prior to treatment with finishing paints. It provides good adhesion to the subsequent layer. It aligns and unifies substrate's absorbency, increases spreading rate of finishing paint. Coating is alkali-resistant. White colour helps in finding surfaces requiring correction prior to application of finishing paint.


Product application:
For interior use on gypsum, cement, cement-lime plasters, gypsum-cardboard
boards, fillers, gypsum blocks, concrete surfaces and other mineral
The substrate must be clean, dry, solid and prepared for paint treatment.
Remove dust and clean off slightly chalking substrate. Remove all loose
elements, unbound with the substrate.
Stir before use. Apply evenly with any painting technique - with a brush,
roller or by spraying.
It is recommended to start applying top coat product after priming paint has
dried completely.
It is recommended to perform product test application on a small area prior
to application in case of substrate of unknown properties and parameters.
Further paint treatment is possible after the positive outcome of the test.
Product is ready to use and should not be diluted. In case of very absorbent
substrates (e.g. old, weak cement-lime mortar) it is recommended to use
Flügger Sealer.

Storage: Cool, frost-free and tightly closed.

Technical Data

Priming paint
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Not to be diluted. Product ready to use.
Cleaning of Tools etc.

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